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Finally ! Country Primitive Flameless Candles are here ! See us in Country Sampler Magazine!

Prim Retail We offer: 

The 3"x 5"  Prim Cinnamon Pillars in 10 colors...  $39.95 each
Ivory, Mustard, Red, Burgundy, Green, Blue, Purple ,Black, Pink & Orange. 
  Each candle comes with With  an Assorted Homespun Knot.

The 3"x 7"  Prim Cinnamon Pillars in 10 colors... $44.95 each
Ivory, Mustard, Red, Burgundy, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Pink & Orange 
with an assorted homespun knot.

The 3"x 9" Prim Cinnamon Pillar  ...$49.95    
They come Prim/Cinnamon Ivory, Orange & Black. With an Assorted Homespun Knot. 

The 1"x 8"  Prim Cinnamon Taper Candle ...$28.95 each. 
They come Prim/Cinnamon ...Ivory,  Mustard, Red & Black .  Green, Orange & Burgundy coming soon.

The 2"x 3"  Prim Votive ... $24.95 each
They come Prim/Cinnamon ...  Ivory  & Black . ( available in May )

The 3"x 5" Prim Drip ... $39.95  
These are available in Red, Mustard & Brown

The 3"x 7" Prim Drip ...  $44.95
These are available in Red, Mustard & Brown

There are also 4"x 5", 4"x 7" & 4"x 9"  Prim Cinnamon Pillars with remotes...
Available in Ivory only. $54.95,$64.95 & $74.95

Not all of these are available online. Call the shop for availability ! 270-351-1224

These Prim Drip Candles in 5" & 7" are new and available retail by calling in only... They are not for sale on the website yet. Wholesale available.

These Prim Votives are new & are not available yet... They are due in stock in May.... Call your orders in now to be at the head of the line!!!!

Click here to Purchase a Primitive Flameless Candle Now .....

We suggest a full display with a variety of colors & sizes.
Good use of Candle accessories such as Bowls,  Glass Cylinders, Pans & Lanterns help generate the best retail sales!

       Below are the Regular & Prim 8" Flameless Taper Candles.    In order L to R...  Prim Ivory, Regular Ivory, Prim Red, Regular Red, Prim Mustard, Regular Mustard, Prim Black & Regular Black.   These are incredible  !!!!   Burgundy, Orange & Green coming soon!

View all of our Country Primitive & Regular Flameless Candles!
Keep in mind that we are the Retail & Wholesale distributors for these beautiful candles....
For Wholesale info please see the wholesale tab at the top of the page.

View all of the Great Colors Available...
Just click on a picture to single out and enlarge it !


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